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About the Streetcar

The TECO Line Streetcar System is a 2.7-mile electric heritage streetcar line connecting Downtown Tampa, Channel District, and Ybor City. Service is FREE seven days a week to 11 covered wheelchair-accessible stations every 15 minutes.

Extended Streetcar Service for Weeknight/Sunday Amalie Arena Events:

TECO Line Streetcar service is extended until midnight Sunday - Thursday when there is a Tampa Bay Lightning game or weeknight/Sunday night event at Amalie Arena. Extended streetcar service will operate every 15 minutes.

Planning Your Trip

Map & Hours: Discover where you can go, the nearest station, and service hours on the Streetcar Route Map.

  • Connect within Tampa: Whether heading to your cruise or your home, use the air-conditioned Streetcar to access other transportation options such as HART bus routes, the Downtowner, Pirate Water Taxi, Coast Bike Share, public parking, the Tampa Riverwalk, and more.
  • TIP: Maps are available on board the Streetcar, and on display at each station.

Service Schedule: See when the next Streetcar will depart and arrive for each station on the list of stops.

  • TIP: Schedules are on display at each station.
  • All departure and arrival times may vary up to 5 minutes during periods of heavy ridership or traffic congestion.

Trip Planning Tools: Plan your next trip with Google Maps and OneBusAway, available online and on mobile. See when the streetcar departs and arrives at each station in real-time, or based on your chosen day and time.

  • TIP: Search for the station using the name on the Streetcar Route Map.
  • TIP: OneBusAway includes schedule information for the Pirate Water Taxi, along with bike dock stations and availability for Coast Bike Share.

Customer Service: Call Customer Service at (813) 254-4278 for help with planning your trip, or for any comments and concerns.

Getting On Board

Arrive Early: Find the best way to get to your station, and allow enough time to get there. Always cross the street at marked crosswalks or intersections.

  • TIP: Leave early enough to arrive around 5 minutes before streetcar is scheduled to arrive.

Look for the Signs: Streetcars board on both sides of some stations. Signs at the station indicate where to stand at the station to board for which direction of travel. Signs on the front of the Streetcar also identify the destination it is headed.

White means Wait: Stand behind the white line at the edge of the station platform, and wait for Streetcars to come to a complete stop before approaching. Allow current riders to get off before you get on.

  • TIP: For safety, hold on to your child when a Streetcar is approaching (no playing, pushing or shoving). Station or Bust: Streetcars stop only where there is a designated station. Do not run after or next to a moving streetcar.

Enjoying the Ride

Help us keep the Streetcar a safe and clean experience for all by following these safety and courtesy rules while on the Streetcar:

  • Keep food or beverages in closed containers, and dispose of trash properly (no eating or drinking, and no alcoholic beverages).
  • Stay seated while Streetcar is moving (no running in aisles, and wait to change seats until Streetcar is stopped). Take only one seat per person.
  • Keep doors and aisles accessible (do not block exits).
  • No smoking inside the Streetcar or directly under Streetcar stations.
  • Hold on to handrail or grip if standing.
  • Shoes and shirt are required (no wearing rollerblades or roller stakes).
  • Keep volume low when using a cell phone (no loud music).
  • No sticking hands or feet outside of windows.
  • No rude or vulgar language, and no abusive or threatening behavior.
  • No controlled substances, no weapons, and no illegal use of paint or glue.
  • No loitering around Streetcar stations.
  • No writing, painting, or destroying Streetcars or stations.

Arriving at your Destination

Request to Stop: Streetcars do not automatically stop at every station. Pull down on the cord overhead to let the motorperson know to stop at the nearest station.

Safely Exit: Follow these safety rules while exiting the Streetcar:

  • Stay in your seat until the Streetcar comes to a complete stop.
  • Gather belongings and be ready to exit.
  • Stay clear of doors until they are opened.
  • Watch your step (especially at night or in wet weather).
  • Step away from the Streetcar after exiting.
  • Look both ways when crossing Streetcar tracks. Wait for the Streetcar to move away before crossing (do not cross in front of the Streetcar).
  • With wheelchairs, walkers, bicycles, strollers and scooters, cross at a right angle to avoid getting wheels stuck in the tracks.
  • Use marked crosswalks or intersections to cross the street.
  • If you drop something when exiting, leave it on the ground until the Streetcar moves away.


Wheelchairs & Strollers: Each station has a ramp, and each streetcar is wheelchair-accessible. Folded baby carriages and strollers are allowed, with child removed and carriage/stroller put away from aisles and doors.

Pets: Service dogs are allowed on board. Non-service dogs can ride in small carriers.

Bikes: Bikes are not allowed on board.

See Something, Say Something

Report suspicious activity, behavior, packages, or emergencies to your Streetcar motorperson or by calling 9-1-1.

Title VI/Civil Rights Commitment

It is the policy of HART to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, veteran status, political affiliation, genetics, or disability in the recruitment, selection, and hiring of its workforce.

For more information about HART's Title VI Policy or to report a Title VI violation please contact the Title VI/Civil Rights Officer at: (813) 384-6419 or

Vendor Compliance System

This Title VI is available in English and Spanish.

Accessibility IconReasonable accommodations may be available to persons with disabilities as per the Americans with Disabilities Act. To request this information in an alternative format or to comment, file a complaint or make a recommendation please contact the ADA Officer at: (813) 384-6314 or

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